It is snowing outside, your kids are getting cabin fever, and you are feeling completely overwhelmed. Make a brisk winter’s day into one of your family’s most fond memories! Here are some fun indoor activities for cold winter days:

  • Hawaii Day. The snow may be blowing and the wind may be knocking on your windows, but you can make it hot inside! Find food coloring in blues and greens and fill the bathtub up with water, by adding the colors you are making the water into an “ocean like” place to be. Lay out some towels around your home and put on some tropical music, this makes your home seem like a tropical paradise rather than a winter hideout. For lunch have some fruit and make some fancy drinks, children love this idea, it makes them forget all about winter outside, and lets you spend some quality time with them!
  • Build a Fort. Once you are snuggled into a fort made of pillows, blankets, and anything else that is cozy , you will feel like an Eskimo on a cold winter day! Why not hook up a light in the fort and read some stories. When it gets dark out, ask your children if they would like to sleep in the fort, you are sure to get a very enthusiastic yes!
  • Crafts. This will keep children of any age happy for a long period of time. These can range from macaroni necklaces to cool glitter scrapbooks! Crafts will make the day fly by for both you and your children.
  • Bake. Children love to create, so why not spend the day baking! Not only will it keep your children busy it will also give you great yummy snacks at the end of the day! Baking with children takes careful planning and setting out of ingredients. But it can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend a day with your family! Why not try out those baked goods while enjoying a family friendly movie under a cozy blanket!

Children don’t want to be stuck in the house any more than you do. The day will go by much quicker if you are able to make the day fun and exciting. Being in the house with your children is not something you should fear, but something you can look forward too! So the next time those cold winds blow and the snow is too high to shovel, plan a day your kids will never forget filled with fun, laughter and a mother’s love!