Food cravings during pregnancy is common. Although it is okay to feed these cravings, eating healthy is super important for you and your child. Here are a few simple healthy alternatives to junk food that will keep off excessive weight gain, but still satisfy your taste buds.
Potato Chips

You are craving chips because you want something salty and crunchy. Potato chips are usually fried and loaded with unnecessary fat, sodium, and calories. Here are some alternatives:

Lays makes a reduced calorie potato chip with 1/3 of the fat and calories. Lays potato chips has also started a product on the market that has been around for a while called Lays Baked! chips. These baked chips provide the same salty satisfaction but don’t have the fat and grease that come with fried potato chips.

PopChips are a newer brand of potato chips that neither fry nor bake their chips. By adding a little bit of heat to sliced potatoes, the thin slices eventually pop, forming Popchips. These chips come in several different flavors, satisfy the salty craving and are super healthy for you!


Donuts are sweet, sugary, and full of simple carbohydrates that don’t break down in your body for energy. Fortunately, there is a great alternative to donuts:

Low-fat strawberry cream cheese on a whole-grain cinnamon raisin bagel. Although cream cheese isn’t the healthiest food in the world, selecting a low-fat variety is a lot healthier than a plate of sprinkles and icing! Bagels can also provide one or more servings of whole grain, so you can get your digestive system up and running. For the fresh out of the greaser taste and warmth, pop your bagels in the toaster and spread a layer of cream cheese on the top. Many companies, such as Oregon Trail, also make a variety of sweet breads as an alternative to bagels.


Cravings for cookies, like donuts, is your body begging for something sweet. Here are some awesome alternatives that can help you manage portion control and calories:

Nabisco and other companies have 100 calorie snack packs. These little packages of sweetness provide a reduced calorie alternative to cookies by the company itself! This way, you know you won’t miss out on the taste of what you’re craving and you have some portion control. By allowing yourself a minimal, controlled portion of something sweet, you’re less likely to spend all night eating packages of Oreos.


Soda is not healthy for you or your unborn chile, especially with all the empty calories and caffeine. Alternatives:

Drink fruit juice. Be careful with fruit juices though – be sure you’re buying either unsweetened or lightly sweetened juice.

Carbonated Flavored Water is also a great way to go. There are many great flavors out there and the carbonation may just do the trick!

Ice Cream

More often than not, the typical pregnancy image is a woman sitting on the couch eating tubs of ice cream. If you want something soft and sweet that can melt in my mouth, try these alternatives instead:
Frozen yogurt is still yogurt! It has the dairy and calcium your body needs to give your unborn child healthy bones and it satisfies that ice cream craving in a heartbeat.
Sorbet is also an alternative to ice cream, but be careful on your consumption. Most sorbets are high-fructose juices that are simply frozen. Your best bet is frozen yogurt, but if you absolutely have to have that extra hint of sweetness, sorbet is a better alternative.
Just Remember
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard during your pregnancy and you don’t have to avoid the foods you crave. By using healthier alternatives, you can provide the nutrition you and your baby need while satisfying your cravings.


Written by MaVaVoom Contributing Writer, Victoria Crossman